“To create an industry body, having wider reach to investors and other stakeholders involved in Unlisted securities market including intermediaries, supporting them with access to information and empowering them appropriate education tools”

Mission Statement

“To be the largest forum for Unlisted Securities market in India working towards welfare of all stakeholders of Unlisted securities to support the evolving ecosystem”

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  • Unlisted Securities Market Welfare Trust ( is an Industry body for self-regulating, and safeguarding the interest for investors and intermediaries involved in Unlisted Securities trade. It intends to bring uniformity and standardization in various processes including sharing the prices band for various unlisted shares and to regulate the conduct of its members.
  • Unlisted Securities Market Welfare Trust was formed to broadly serve the following objectives
  • To create a trustworthy environment of investment in unlisted shares and conduct educational / training / awareness seminars, workshops and programs for the benefit of members including but not limited to investors, financial fraternity in India;
  • Making available education material on various companies in the form of research reports;
    Creating awareness on various corporate actions of companies in unlisted shares domain;
  • To provide a dedicated platform to its members to regularly interact with each other, aid them to identify and understand the problems/difficulties/issues being faced by them/investors/financial fraternity from time to time;
  • To disseminate information to the members through its dedicated website covering the data of unlisted securities, forum for investors grievances, if any, and all such necessary service offerings as would be required for investors protection and awareness of unlisted securities investors from time to time;
  • To form an expert panel for the purpose of market analysis & publishing the tentative share price range of unlisted shares on periodical basis after taking into account the inputs received from various members and performing mutually agreed upon procedures for benchmarking valuation of unlisted shares based on various methodologies including intrinsic value method, Industry peer comparable companies approach (listed and unlisted), price quotations from industry brokers and demand/supply of the securities in the market, etc. basis the information available in public domain;
  • To develop an educational initiative on pricing of various unlisted shares which are regularly traded in the market to help investors community to understand the dynamics and to promote transparency in price quoted by various member brokers of unlisted shares;
  • To cultivate best business practices for members of the Association for developing a fair and efficient market environment for trading of unlisted shares and, to works towards protection of all parties involved in the process by formulating a code of conduct to be followed by members of Association and others engaged in the activities of dealing in unlisted shares;
  • To regulate the market conduct of the members and to bring formalisation of various practices from standardization perspective considering the evolving market space of unlisted shares;
  • To protect the interest of members of the Association against any arbitrary or unreasonable action from any regulator in future & to interact with the Regulator to represent on all matters concerning the unlisted shares, if any, on the behalf of all members of Association;
  • To caution the investor community from trading in unlisted shares of frivolous or defunct or small or non-operational companies or any other company which does not meet the criteria as may be agreed to by majority of the members of the Association;
  • To create a grievance redressal mechanism for any complaints or disputes raised by members or investors and ensuring they are resolved in time bound manner; and


Unlisted Securities Market Welfare Trust Established in 2022 with a focus to unite and represent the buyers , sellers & brokers in unlisted market to ensure we build Investors awareness, protect our investors and empower them for a robust structure that consistently meets and exceeds the expectation through continuous improvement in the way we transact and that will be the benchmark for our clients across nation.

We intend to create an environment conducive for growth. Let’s support & promote Unlisted markets through variety of events, knowledge transfer seminars, Policy advise and other regulatory and compliance related information.

With the current demand and supply which is dynamic in our country the members of this Trust will continuously work towards competitiveness and welfare of every member as part of investor relations associated with this trust.

key points

  1. To help in development of ecosystem for unlisted securities market and to work towards betterment of all stakeholders
  2. Proactive steps towards information and education for various stakeholders to create more wider user base in India
  3. Faster implementation of decisions taken by Trust
    Providing timely and appropriate information to all members on various unlisted securities markets covering unlisted shares.
  4. Conducting webinar, creating research reports, monthly newsletter, study, surveys and education related training programmes.
  5. Developing code of conduct for the members to bring standardisation in term of market practices
  6. Act as a resource group and represent to various regulatory bodies for any protecting the interest of any stakeholders
    Grievances handling mechanism to be put in place

Contact us:
Address: B-7, Gupta Tower II, PVR Complex, Vikaspuri, New Delhi – 110018


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